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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4-20-11 - Zoya Polish Exchange

For anyone who hasn't heard yet, the Zoya nail polish exchange is up and running. It will be going on from today through April 27 ( 1 week only). Its 4.00 plus a bottle of old nail polish (not Zoya) and they send you a Zoya polish. There is a minimum of 6 polishes to participate and a maximum of 24.

This is what you do. Go on put the colors you want in your shopping cart, enter the code EARTHZOYA and that adjusts the price to $4.00 per bottle. Then of course you pay. They send you your polishes. Then once you receive the Zoya polishes, you send them the same amount of old polishes (include your order paperwork in the box so they know what order it goes with). And yes, you are responsible for the shipping costs for the bottles you send them. They then dispose of the old polishes in a eco friendly manner.

I just put my order in for 8 bottles, I can't wait to get them. Weeeeeee

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