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Saturday, December 31, 2011

12-31-11 - Finger Paints Special Effects Flakies

My last mani of 2011. I've seen several people doing this one,so I thought I'd get on the bandwagon and do all of the colors together as well.

For the base I used Claw Polish Sinister - This is a really nice black creme with great shine even without a top coat. Not quite as nice as Wet N Wild Black, this one takes two coats, but its close.

The Finger Paint flakies are as follows:

Asylum - Pink & Blue Flakies
Motley - Blue & Green Flakies
Flecked - Green
Twisted - All of the colors
Flashy - Red flakies - this polish by itself is a dupe of 2010.

All topped with Seche Vite

I apologize if the pic is a little off, I got a new camera today and am still working on figuring out how to use it properly.


Friday, December 30, 2011

12-30-11 - Strange New Polish

I stopped by Walgreen's today and they had a display of new Sally Hansen shades. I picked up a really pretty light pink opalescent shimmer polish. The strange thing is that the name on the bottle and on the display was Hidden Treasure. This is nothing like Hidden Treasure, I don't know if Walgreen's got a bunch of mislabeled polishes or if Sally Hansen just re-used the name for a new polish. Whatever the story, its a pretty polish.

12/31 UPDATE: I posted on Sally Hansen's FB about this polish, and it is indeed a new shade called Hidden Treasure which is completely different than the original. Strange to have two polishes named the same thing, but there it is.




Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12-28-11 - Pink Wednesday Essie Its Genius and A Cut Above

Well I was able to squeeze a little bit pink into this last Wednesday of the year

Essie - Its Genius - This is a wine shimmer. Its a bit sheer but is good to go in two coats

Essie - Luxe Effect - A Cut Above - This is a pink glitter with both large & small pieces in a clear base. Its goes on pretty well, patting works the best for the delivery of the glitter.

Topped with Seche Vite

The photo was taken indoors with no flash.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

12-27-11 - Glitter Gal Red Holo

Hope everyone had a good holiday. Today I have my last holiday mani.

Glitter Gal - Red Holo - What can I say about this polish, its red and its holo :) I've been wanting a red holo for a really long time. This goes on very nicely I used three coats for this one. It has a very nice linear holo that of course doesn't show up very well in picks. The only down side to this polish is it comes in a .3 fl bottle as opposed to the .5 fl of regular polishes. So I won't be using this one very often.

Topped with Out the Door



Saturday, December 24, 2011

12-24-11 - Essie Fishnet Stockings, OPI Gold Shatter & Finger Paints Scenery Greenery

Happy Holidays to everyone. With lots of holiday prep going around here, I'll get right to it.

Essie - Fishnet Stockings - This is a dark red creme. Great application and coverage. This was a one coat polish for me.

Finger Paints - Scenery Greenery - This is a very nice medium green creme. I really like the shade of this one. Great application and coverage.

OPI - Gold Shatter - I'm really happy with the crackle effect on I got on this one.

Added some gold decals from Fingers

Topped all with Seche Vite


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12-21-11 - China Glaze Blue Years Eve

My favorite decorating theme for Christmas has always been blue and silver. So in honor of that I went with blue and silver for today's mani.

China Glaze - Blue Year's Eve - This is a blue micro glitter polish with a purple shimmer/duo effect. This is a really pretty it has good application and coverage. I used three coats for this mani to get a nice medium blue.

China Glaze - Platinum Pieces - This is a silver metallic crackle polish with a nice crackle effect.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

12-17-2011 - Stamps & Strips

So I have a couple of things going on for today's post Someone at work asked me about the Sally Hansen Nail Effects strips, so I went out and go the ones called Snow Bunny. They have a really cute design and looked nice but they started peeling within 10 minutes. Disappointment.


Then I got a new set of stamping plates on Amazon from Shany. They have some pretty cool designs, and quite a few different than the ones I have on my Bundle Monster plates, some the same.

For this one I used a base of Wet N Wild French White Creme, I like this white, its ready to go in two coats. Then I used Wet N Wild Red Red for the stamping and Shanty plate SH01. I'm still working on getting my placement right with the stamping so please excuse the crooked design. :)


Thursday, December 15, 2011

12-15-11 - Nabi Crack Dark Green

So I had a chance to try out this new polish

Wet N. Wild - French White Creme - This is a nice white polish, opaque in two coats.

OPI - Red Shatter - This polish has a nice crackle effect, although it is starting to getting a little thick after just two usages, I think a little be of thinner will be in order the next time I use this.

Nabi Crack Dark Green - This is a much better green then the Mia Secret, although I was hoping for something a little darker, although its a perfect Christmas green. It has good crackle effect although I did go a little too thick in a few places. Overall, I'm very happy with this polish and will pick up a couple of other colors.


12-15-11 = Something New

I was at Walgreen's today and came across a brand of polish I've never seen or heard about before. Its called Nabi Crack and its all crackle polishes. Walgreens had a full display and there were a bunch of different colors, it was hard to tell how many because they were all mixed up, but it looked like there were at least 15-20 different colors. I only bought one to start with to see how it works. I got the dark green one, they don't have names just numbers 47-CNP60. I'm hoping to have a new mani for you later today using it, I'm hopeful it works better than the Mia Secret dark green I got which was a huge disappointment.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

12/11/11 - China Glaze Glittering Garland & Orly Star Spangled

With just a couple more weeks until Christmas, today I have a simple mani of traditional Christmas colors.

China Glaze - Glittering Garland - This is a dark green micro glitter polish from the new holiday collection. This polish has nice coverage, I could have went with just one coat but I used to here just cuz.

Orly - Star Spangled - This is an older color from Orly. Its a pretty red micro glitter polish. Its a bit sheer, I used two coats but could have gone with three.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

12-8-11 - Nubar White Polka Dots

I was actually able to try out one of my new Nubars and stick to the holiday them.

Orly - Enchanted Forest - This is a really pretty dark green creme. This is one of my favorite green polishes

Nubar - White Polka Dots - This is polish has large pieces of "white" hex glitter with little pieces of blue, green and silver glitter. Delivery of the small glitter was really good with the brush, the large pieces did require a bit of patting to go on, but the result is well worth it. Very sparkly and pretty.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12-7-11 - China Glaze Champagne Bubbles

I was watching Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and got inspired for today's holiday mani

Silver and gold, silver and gold
Ev'ryone wishes for silver and gold
How do you measure its worth?
Just by the pleasure it gives here on earth.

Silver and gold, silver and gold
Mean so much more when I see
Silver and gold decorations
On ev'ry Christmas tree.

China Glaze - Platinum Silver - this is a very nice metallic silver with really good application and coverage, its a bit streaky but no more so than other metallics

China Glaze - Champagne Bubbles - This is a gold metallic polish with little bits of silver glitter from the new holiday collection. Its a little bit thin and watery but overall its a nice polish.

I just got Nubar Black Polka Dots and White Polka Dots, I'm not sure if I can wait until the end of the month to try them out, so I may be taking a quick break from the holiday manis to slide these in.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

12-4-11 - China Glaze - Twinkle Lights

I love doing holidays, with all the glitter and sparklies but I hate taking it off :)

For today we have

Ghina Glaze - Four Leaf Cloves - This is a really nice grassy green creme. Great coverage and application

China Glaze - Twinkle Lights - This is a Red, Green & Silver glitter from the Let It Snow collection. I only used one coat here, pretty good application and glitter delivery.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

12-1-11 - China Glaze - Love Marilyn

December 1st. Time to start getting ready for the holidays. I decided to go with holiday themed nails for the month, so each mani I do for the entire month of December will be holiday/winter themed.

First Up

China Glaze - Love Marilyn. This is a red and silver glitter polish from the new Eye Candy Collection. I like this polish, it really sparkly and fun. I only used one coat here and it really needed two.

China Glaze - Jolly Holly - This is a dark green shimmer from last year's holiday collection. This is an awesome polish. I love the color and had full coverage in one coat.