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Thursday, September 30, 2010

9-30-10 - Today's Mani

I just had to try it out

Nubar - Reclaim - I love this polish. I love all my Nubars. Its a great shade of green. The holo effect is much better than the pic shows.


9/30/10 - New Goodies

Its just one bottle of polish, but (drumroll please), its my 200th bottle of polish. Yep 200 bottles of polish. I'm not sure if I should be happy or embarrassed. Who am I kidding I'm way happy. Wonder how long its going to take me to get to 300. :)

Anyway here it is

Nubar - Reclaim - A green holo polish.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

9/28/10 - Today's Mani

So I was feeling find of rainbowy today

Wet N Wild - Black Creme
China Glaze - Ruby Pumps
Wet N Wild - Sparked
Nubar - Violet Sparkles - I love this polish sooooo much.
Nubar - Holo Glitter
China Glaze - Zombie Zest


Saturday, September 25, 2010

9/25/10 - Today's Mani

So today while I was out at Ulta, I picked up a new barrette. And now I just made a mani to match it.

Revlon - Ocean Breeze - even mixed with water, this still actually has the fake ocean smell.

Sinful Colors - Black on Black

Essie - Midnight Cami


9/25/10 - Swatches

I did some swatches of my recent hauls

Sally Hansen - Emerald City - I like the color but it went seriously bubbly on me. Not sure about this one.

OPI - Obscurity - this is the only one of the mini set that is a matte. A matte black, that's cool. Although it does still look like Suzi Skis the Pyrenees to me, just matte.

OPI - Unripened - this one fooled me in the bottle. I didn't except a black with green/blue/purple glitter. Its very much like Sinful Colors What's Your Name

OPI - Nevemore - This is a very nice purple I like it.

OPI - Sanguine - A great dark red shimmer

Icing - Paparazzi - This one is pretty think and gloopy, but I think it will work as a tip color.

China Glaze - Zombie Zest - this really does look slimey, I can't decide if I like it or not

China Glaze - Mummy May I - when I first saw this over the summer I figured I would like it and I was right I love this one. I'll be wearing it year round. Although I need to go get another bottle or two to make sure I always have it

China Glaze - Ick-A-Bod-Y - this is a great polish for Halloween. Its a little thick and gloopy but not too bad

Revlon - Slipper - A very nice glitter top coat.

All of the colors were done with two coats and no top coat.



9/25/10 - Today's Haul

Success at last!!!!!!!! It took going to three Sally's and putting up with really rude salesgirls at one, but I finally found the China Glaze Halloween Collection. Yaaaaaa. And the shopping center that the Sally's is in, also has an Ulta so I stopped in there and found a really nifty OPI Halloween Mini Collection.

China Glaze - Mummy May I - this is a black/purple glitter.
China Glaze - Zombie Zest - this is a slime green/yellow glitter
China Glaze - Ick-A-Bod-Y - this is an orange/black glitter
OPI - Unripened - this is a blue/green/purple duochrome glitter
OPI - Nevermore - this is a purple glitter
OPI - Sanguine - this is a dark red shimmer
OPI - Obscurity - this is a dark gunmetal gray creme which looks exactly like Suzi Skis the Pyrenees

The back of the box of the OPI minis has instructions for a couple of different nail art designs and it seems to imply that the minis are mattes. Could be interesting



Thursday, September 23, 2010

9/23/10 - Today's Mani

For today's nails we have

Nubar - Barricade
Orly - Goth
Kiss - Halloween nail stickers


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

9/22/10 - New Goodies

Not much today. Some dragon nail decals I got from Ebay. And they sent a gift of some kitty decals as well. Yeaaahhh I love dragons and kitties.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

9/19/10 - Today's Mani

Well this is my first somewhat successful use of Konad. Its not great, but I'm working on it.

Finger Paints - Scenery Greenery - this is a great green. It only took 1 coat, nice coverage and color

Essie - Tomboy No More - great polish, it went on great and I love the color

Out The Door top coat - I've used this enough now to decide I love this top coat, great shine and I've had no problems with bubbles. My new favorite top coat.


9/19/10 - New Haul

Actually not much of a haul. I'm anxiously awaiting the China Glaze Halloween collection and the new OPI DS colors. I called both Sally's and Ulta but they haven't received them yet, sigh, the wait continues.

In the meantime today's and yesterday's haul

Sally Hansen - Emerald City
Revlon - Slipper - this is from the Add Sparkle collection and is actually supposed to be a top coat.



Thursday, September 16, 2010

9/16/10 - Today's Mani - Well Actually Tomorrow's Mani

I don't usually do this, but today's mani is inspired by the new shirt I'm going to wear tomorrow, my new skull Amish hair pins, and my skull Vans, which as you can tell by how worn out they are, are my favorites. I guess you could say I like skulls :)
Did I mention the skull earrings, necklace and bracelet.

Wet N Wild - Black Creme
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White - this is really a nice white, I like it alot

Kiss - Halloween nail decals





Sunday, September 12, 2010

9/12/10 - Today's Mani

So for today we have

Wet N Wild - Black Creme - I know I've said it before but this is my absolute favorite black

Sally Hanson - Purple Fiesta - I love the color of this one, its an awesome purple, but (doesn't it seem like there is always a but . . .) the delivery of the glitter was horrible. When pulling out the brush there was barely any glitter on it, and no confetti glitter. When I use a glitter polish I expect to get some serious glitter when applied. It actually took 3 coats to get the glitter I got. I'm very disappointed with this one.


9/12/10 - More New Goodies

I had to stop at Walgreens today so I have some new goodies

Sally Hansen - Purple Fiesta - This is an amethyst purple with regular glitter and confetti glitter. I'm looking forward to trying this one out.

Sinful Colors - Hot Spot - a dark blue shimmer

Kiss - Halloween nail decals - I am so happy I found these. I've been looking for skull and cross bone decals in the stores forever. I only bought 3 packages today but I'm going back to get more this week, so I'll have enough to last the whole year. It really sucks when the things you like best are only available for a few weeks a year. I always have to stock up at this time of year on black candles, skull stuff, etc. I wish it was more readily available in stores. But I digress, I am just happy to have finally found the decals.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11/10 - Today's Haul

Well I went out today so of course I'm back with a haul

Most of the colors in this Icing set don't have names. I think that this is a really old set they've been trying to get rid of for a long time. I was just looking at the polishes and the saleslady pulled it out from a clearance shelf and said she could give it to me really cheap. $5.00 for the whole set. So even though I probably won't wear most of them, the peach creme one was actually just what I was looking for. Anyway this is what I have

Icing - bright pink shimmer - name unknown
Icing - bright orange shimmer - name unknown
Icing - bright yellow shimmer - name unknown
Icing - peach creme - Tickets Please
Icing - kind of a robin's egg blue shimmer - name unknown

Icing - leopard print decals

Icing- Paparazzi - a burnt orange glitter


Thursday, September 9, 2010

9/9/10 - Today's Mani

Okay, so again I've gone to some old favorites

OPI - Lincoln Park After Dark - I love this one

OPI - Lincoln Park After Dark - Suede - Another favorite

And an update on the Revlon scented polish - the "Ocean" smell lasted for 2 days. I didn't expect it to work at all so I'm very impressed it lasted that long, although they do need to work on their ocean smell.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

9-4-2010 - Another New Mani for Today

So I thought I'd try something new

OPI - Yodel Me On My Cell

Revlon - Ocean Breeze - this actually does smell kind of like the ocean

Out the Door top coat


9/4/10 - More New Goodies

I swear I need to stop leaving the house. In this haul we have:

Revlon - Ocean Breeze - this supposedly smells when it dries. I'm assuming that since its called Ocean Breeze its supposed to smell like the ocean. We'll see

Sinful - Snow Me White - While I love my Ulta white to use on my nails, its overpowering when marbeling so I thought I'd try this one out. It was recommended by Ice Queen. Actually she also recommended the Finger Paint polish I bought yesterday

Sinful - See You Soon - a midnight blue shimmer.

That's my cat Tera in the background


9/4/10 - Today's Mani

Orly - Galaxy Girl - this is nice dark purple with blue shimmer. I like this polish it went on nicely and is opaque in two coats.

Out the Door top coat - this went on very nicely and no bubbles. It also has a nice shine. But I'm not sure if it has the super shine I'm looking for. I'll have to use with a regular creme polish to see.

I've always preferred creme polishes and now I found myself buying more frosts and shimmers and I'm not sure why. Very strange.


Friday, September 3, 2010

9/3/10 - New Goodies

The other day I picked up a few new polishes at Walgreens and today I went to Sally's and got a few things
From Walgreens on 9/1

Sinful Colors - A cute little mini of Sugar Sugar

Wet N. Wild - Wild Card - Walgreens has Wet N. Wild on sale right now for 79 cents. Can't beat that

Wet N. Wild - Rain Check

Maybelline - Pretty in Purple - this one is hard to see in the pic, its a dark purple shimmer

Jackelin - Silver Glaze - I've never heard of this brand, but Walgreens had it for 50 cents so I couldn't resist

Today from Sally's

Orly - Galaxy Girl - this is from the Cosmic FX collection. Its a dark purple with blue shimmer

Finger Paints - Autumn Midnight - This is a pretty navy shimmer

Out the Door top coat - I'm still having trouble with the Seche bubbling and although I like the Diamont, I wanted something that is more shiny so the girl at Sally's recommended this one. I haven't used it before so it will be fun to try out