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Friday, December 31, 2010

12-31-10 - Last Mani of 2010

For my last mani of 2010 I thought I'd use my last haul of 2010. I don't usually mix holos with other polishes but this time I did, and my kitty Vader decided she wanted to get into the act too

Nubar - Black Chrome - a black shimmer with silver micro glitter and interestingly and unexpectedly this turned out to be a matte polish. For this particular mani though I used a high shine top coat

Color Club - Revvvolution. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a good pic showing the holo effect, I'm looking forward to seeing this in the light tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a great evening and see you all next year :)



12-31-10 - New Goodies

Well this is the last haul of the year

Nubar - Black Chrome - Black with silver micro glitter

Color Club - Revvvolution - Black holo

And the seller was also nice enough to include a gift of nail art stickers.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

12-30-10 - Today's Mani

Rain, Rain go away. I love the chilly weather that's finally arrived but its been raining here all day. But one more day before a long weekend. Which leads to today's mani. I got inspired by what I'm wearingto work tomorrow (or I guess actually today) so I decided to do matching nails.

Wet N Wild - Black Creme

Kiss Silver Glitter Nail Art Paint



Tuesday, December 28, 2010

12-28-10 - Today's Mani

Over the next few weeks I'm going to try to use all of the polishes I've bought over the last while and haven't used yet.

Starting with

Orly - Halleys Comet - this one was a bit of a surprise. I was expecting a duochrome but its packed full of glitter. I'm not sure if I like the color, its actually more turquoise than the pics shows. But I'll try it for awhile and see how it feels. It has great application was was completely opaque in two coats.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

12-16-10 - Today's Mani

A nice quiet day to recuperate from Christmas. Although its not very Christmasy around here, we were wearing shorts both yesterday and today. I wonder what winter is really like, all we have here is summer and less hot summer :)

Anyway enough whining about the non-winter like weather, today's mani is

OPI - Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous - I wasn't originally going to get this polish since I already have so many silver polishes but it came in a gift set I really wanted. I'm so glad I got it. Its a dark silver with tons of multi color micro glitter. I love this polish. Goes on great in two coats and is very sparkly.

Essie - Over the Top - this is a great gun metal gray shimmer polish with subtle micro glitter, I'm loving this polish too. Opaque in two coats with great application.


Friday, December 24, 2010

12-25-10 - New Mani

Happy Holidays Everyone

For my final Christmas mani I thought I'd try some Christmas marbling. I really need serious practice with my marbling. But here it is any way

Sinful Colors - San Francisco
Sinful Colors - Sugar Sugar
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White


I got a new shelving unit for my polish today, and it appears I've already outgrown it.


12-24-10 - Today's Mani & New Goodies

Twas the Day Before Christmas and all through the house, the smell of polish was intense, good thing I have no spouse.

The bottles were lined up on the table with care, in the hopes that their chance to be used would soon be there.

Essie - Loop Hole

China Glaze - Ruby Pumps

A nail sticker I've had so long I don't know where it came from


Yesterday I picked up a couple of things

Orly - Halley's Comet

China Glaze gift pack containing - Naughty & Nice, Peppermint Cuticle Oil and Mrs. Claus

Finger Paints -Shades of Fall

Finger Paints - Add & Abstract

Finger Paints - Laugh My Art Off


And today I picked up a couple more, yes I actually was brave enough to go out this morning and it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated.

Orly - Fifty Four
Orly - Rockin' Rockette
And a free gift with purchase Orly Glosser High Shine Top Coat


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

12-23-10 - Today's Mani

For today, we have a rather messy offering, but its late and I'm getting ready for bed, but anyway

OPI - Jade is the New Black

Del Sol - Holly Berry - I'm hoping that this works tomorrow and turns colors in the sun, if we have any sun tomorrow, its been raining here pretty all day and all night.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12-22-10 - Today's Mani

So for today we have

OPI - Jade is the New Black with a little stocking decal.


12-21-10 - Today Mani and New Goodies

Well thanks to a grinch of a migraine on Sunday & Monday, I missed yesterday, but I'm back on track today.

So for today's Christmas nails I have

Sinful Colors - San Francisco - this is a really pretty grassy green shimmer

Revlon - Slipper - I didn't really like this very much, the big pieces of glitter just didn't go on, but the silver and red is pretty


Today's haul is

Del Sol Christmas Collection - Holly Berry - A red glitter that turns purple in the sun. I've tried this brand once before and it didn't work, so we'll see how this one turns out.



Sunday, December 19, 2010

12-19-10 - Today's Mani

Today we have

Sinful Colors - Sugar Sugar - this is a nice red with a gold shimmer

and some random green rhinestones I've had for years.


Friday, December 17, 2010

12-18-10 - Today's Mani

So we have a totally China Glaze Christmas mani today

On the 6th day of Christmas my mani gave to me:

China Glaze - Jolly Holly - this is such a cool polish I love it, a very dark emerald green shimmer, goes on great in two coats.

China Glaze - Phat Santa - This is a nice red, nothing really special just red. Goes on nice in 3 coats.

China Glaze - Party Hearty - Fun green and red glitter, that acually goes pretty easily.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

12-17-10 - Today's Mani

So I was watching Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer and was inspired for today's mani, silver & gold.

On the 5th day of Christmas my mani gave to me:

Essie - Shift Power

Wet N Wild - Kaleidoscope - This is a really sparkly silver glitter, I like it

I did pics with and without flash to try to show the sparkliness



12-16-10 - Secret Santa Goodies

So today we had a our Secret Santa gift swap at work. My Santa gave me nail polish, of course. Two big bottles and a mini set.

Sinful Colors - Let's Talk - this is a really bright electric purple

Sinful Colors - San Francisco - a really pretty grassy green

Sinful Colors - Sugar Sugar - a red shimmer with gold micro glitter

Sinful Colors - All About You - A gold and red glitter

Sinful Colors - Rich in Heart - a burgundy shimmer

Sinful Colors - Secret Admirer - a black and purple glitter

Sinful Colors - I Miss You - a pinkish/purpleish glitter

I already have Let's Talk, San Francisco and Sugar Sugar, but its all good, I now have four new colors, so I'm stoked :)


My Santa also gave me these really cute nail tips. I love them. So I'm trying to figure out a way to use them, without actually gluing them to my nails.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12-16-10 - Today's Mani

I couldn't get a really good picture of this, but here is one with flash and one without it.

On the 4th day of Christmas my mani gave to me

Finger Paints - Scenery Greenery - This is a really good dark green, it goes on great and is a one coat polish

Nubar - 2010 - I love this polish, what more can I say.

Again, unfortunately I couldn't get a good picture really showing off the 2010. But in RL it looks cool.



12-15-10 - New Goodies

With this haul, I come to over 250 bottles of polish. It seems that me giving up OPI is not going to work.

OPI - Color So Hot It Berns - #248

OPI - Lucerne -Tainly Look Marvelous - #249

Essie - Luxedo - Big #250

Essie - Over the Top #251

Orly - Lunar Eclipse - #252

Stripe Right Nail Art paint in no name green. I don't can't the nail art paint or top coats and base coats in my polish my count.

So there it - is currently at 252 bottles of polish.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12-15-10 - Today's Mani and New Goodies

We'll start with today's mani. This was my first attempt at using nail art brushes. It didn't turn out great, but maybe not terrible for a first try.

So, on the 3rd day of Christmas my mani gave to me:

Candy Cane Nails

Ulta - Snow White

Wet N Wild - Red Red

OPI - Jade is the New Black

Sinful Colors Nail Art - Be My Valentine


Now for the new goodies

Wet N Wild - Kaleidoscope - Silver holo (hopefully) glitter. Thanks for the recommendation Luxepiggy.

Sally Hansen - Gray to Gray - I've been looking for a good slate blue and I think I've found it with this one. I have never tried this particular Sally Hansen line, but it has a fat flat brush, so it will be interesting to try.

Sally Hansen - In the Spotlight - silver confetti glitter, this looks like it may have some holo to it.


Monday, December 13, 2010

12-14-10 - Today's Mani

On the second day of Christmas may mani gave to me:

Sally Hansen - Emerald City - I bought this a month or so ago and this is my first time using. This is a really pretty dark green shimmer polish that goes on great.

China Glaze - Ruby Pumps - What can I say, its Ruby Pumps :)

Essie - A-List - This is one of my favorite reds

Sinful Colors - Green Glitter - this is a really really old polish, I mean I've had this polish for years. So it doesn't go on very well anymore.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

12-13-10 - Today's Mani

So today starts the 12 Days of Christmas Nails. Which means that from today through Christmas I'm going to try to do a different Christmas mani each day.

On the first day of Christmas my mani gave to me:

Wet n Wild - Red Red - This is a nice bright firetruck red. It goes on really nice

OPI - Jade is the New Black - A good shade of green, that goes on well.

Essie - Shift Power - This is my favorite gold metallic

Fingrs - Holiday decals

All topped off with OPI Rapid-Dry Topcoat - This is an okay top coat. It did dry quick, but I prefer a shinier top coat.


12-12-10 - Today's Mani

For today we have

China Glaze - First Class Ticket - This is a dark purple polish with light purple and light blue micro glitter. The sparkle and glitter don't show up well in the pic and of course my camera doesn't show in the right shade, but this a really pretty purple, that gone straight to my favorites list.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

12-11-10 - New Goodies

So it appears my hypocrisy knows no bounds at least when it comes to nail polish. I am totally and completely against animal testing and while I know OPI does not animal test, its new corporate parent Coty does. So it was my intention to stop buying OPI. Well one trip to Ulta and seeing the new Ulta exclusive Holiday Collection mini set did me in. Plus its was on sale for only $7.00. I'm weak, I admit it.

So the Ulta exclusive holiday collection which they call Holi-Daze includes

All the Berry Best
Gift of Gold
Plum Full of Cheer

And the mini set also comes with a mini rapid day top coat.
They also come in full size bottles. And Ulta is having a special that if you spend $17.00 in OPI purchases you get one of the full sized holiday collection (your choice of colors) for free.


Also I went to the Dollar Store last night and picked up a NYC double pack, Hey can't beat two bottles of polish for a buck. I've never used this brand before so we'll see how it works.

We have

231 and 249B.

For some reason I really don't like the polishes that don't have names, just numbers. I really like some of the weird names the different brands come up with.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

12-9-10 - New Mani

Despite the I have a ton of new polish I need to try out, I used some older colors

Sinful Colors - Snow Me White - this is the first time I've used this polish as a main color. I don't really like its coverage as a main color, but it works well as an accent color.

Mia Secret - black crackle


12-9-10 - New Goodies

Took a little trip to Ulta and Sally's.

China Glaze - from the Vintage Vixen collection - Emerald Fitzgerald - this is a dark teal shimmer polish.

China Glaze - from the Christmas collection - Holly Jolly - a green shimmer. Closer to Christmas I'm definitely going to be using this with Phat Santa and Party Hearty

China Glaze - from the Vintage Vixen collection - First Class Ticket - This is a royal purple shimmer despite the fact that my camera makes it look blue

Orly - Rage - This is a pinkish beige metallic. I don't usually go for light polishes like this, but this one just caughte my eye. I'm thinking of using it for a reverse french or with the black crackle.


Monday, December 6, 2010

12-6-10 - New Mani

This is one kind of messy, but its late so oh well

Zoya - Cheryl - this one was kind of streaky and I had to use 4 courts to get a smooth look and it didn't dry well. I'm trying really hard to like this brand, so hopefully the other one I bought over the weekend will be better.

China Glaze - Golden Enchantment - this is the counterpart of Fairy Dust, a really nice gold micro glitter. I love this polish.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

12-5-10 - New Goodies

Got a couple of new polishes while I was out today

Zoya Indigo - a dark blue multi glitter

Zoya Cheryl - a garnet colored micro glitter

For those who may have not heard yet, OPI announced on their Facebook last week that they have been bought out by Coty. Unfortunately Coty still does animal testing, so I don't think I'll be buying any more OPI, I'll use what I have but I don't want to support Coty with any new purchases.

Also, China Glaze announced on their Facebook, that they are releasing crackle polish. They have not said when its coming or if it will just be black or colors, but this is very exciting news. Especially for those who have decided to stop buying OPI.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

12-2-10 - New Mani

China Glaze - Lets Do It in 3D - Despite the bottle being kind of torn up, the polish was perfect. I love this color, what could be better than black holo, weeeeeeeee. Unfortunately the pics don't do justice to the holo effect, why is it so hard to photograph holo. Since this is a discontinued color I'm seriously thinking of trying to track down another bottle, just so I'll have a spare.



12-2-10 - New Goodies

China Glaze - Let's Do It in 3D - woohoo black holo. Now since this color is discontinued I had to get this off e-bay and I'm a little disappointed that the bottle is kind of torn up with the lettering coming off. I bought from a seller I haven't done business with before, so hopefully the polish is okay.