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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

OPI Can't Let Go - OPI You're Such A Buda-Pest

I'm trying better to get my manis up as soon as possible. So for today I have

OPI - You're Such A Buda-Pest - This is a light lavender with very very fine pink shimmer which you really can't see in the picture.

OPI - Can't Let Go - This is medium purple with medium purple hex and small purple glitter, Liquid Sand polish, i.e. matte base with the glitter.

Out The Door used on You're Such A Buda-Pest - No top coat on Can't Let Go

 photo 662_zpsadbbc94d.jpg

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lots of Manis

So I'm really really behind on getting manis posted. So I'm not going to say much about any of them. I do hope everyone has had a good weekend

From 4/22

OPI Blue My Mind and Zoya Storm

Topped with Out the Door

 photo 628_zpsb965c80b.jpg

 photo 630_zps56a39a70.jpg
From 4/23

China Glaze - Sky High Top

China Glaze - Of Course. This is one of the Texture polishes. I know a lot of people are not digging the texture polishes but I love them.

No Top Coat

 photo 633_zpsb0e8002c.jpg

From 4/25

Illamasqua - Speckle - I'm loving this polish. Its a lavender creme with black glitter. I thought it was going to be really sheer but it has great coverage in two coats.

Topped with Out The Door

 photo 637_zps82fd56e4.jpg

From Today

This is one of those new Kiss Gradient Kits

Its okay, but I'm not overly thrilled with it. I probably won't use it again and just do my gradients using the the sponge method.

Topped with Out The Door

 photo 654_zps97cf029a.jpg

Friday, April 19, 2013

China Glaze Toe-Tally Textured and China Glaze Papaya Punch

So I picked up the China Glaze Texture collection. Here is the first one. Toe-Tally Textured. This is a what the crayon box called yellow-orange texture. I put it on top of Papaya Punch a yellow-orange creme. They go together very well. I like the China Glaze texture polishes. They are very similar to Milani textures. No glitter such the texture like the side of house.

I used Seche Vite on top of Papaya Punch. No topcoat of course on Toe-Tally Textured.

 photo 624_zps73e1089b.jpg

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

OPI Matte Topcoat - OPI Quarter of a Cent Cherry

Hope everyone is having a good hump day. Getting closer to the weekend, yeaaa. I have a quick one for today. I tore my hand up at work today packing up files, so sorry about all the cuts and scratches.

OPI - Quarter of Cent Cherry - I've talked about this one before, not much more to say, this is a really nice dark red, one of my favorites.

OPI - Matte Topcoat - So OPI has a new matte topcoat. What can you say about a matte topcoat, it made it matte. Work the same as all the rest.

I did top Quarter of Cent Cherry with Out The Door.

 photo 609_zps16c0b092.jpg

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Orly Aqua Pixel - Orly Dazzle

Hope everyone has had a good weekend. Once again my recent manis have been really bad. But I have one for you today. This weekend a picked a three of the Orly Mega Pixel FX polishes. This collection is Orly foray into the matte glitter market. These are similar to Zoya Pixie Dust.

Orly Dazzle - This is a silver metallic foil polish. I like this polish a lot although I do have a bit of problem with it getting bit lumpy.

Orly Aqua Pixel - This is a light ice blue matte glitter. Its a pretty color, not one that the matte glitter collections are offering. This one though does seem to have less texture than some of the other brands. Over all though a nice polish.

I used Out the Door on Dazzle. No top coat on Aqua Pixel.

I have one picture taken outdoors and one taken one taken indoors without flash.

 photo 594_zps0f9809e3.jpg

 photo 604_zps985b88b9.jpg

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Nails, Inc - Noho and Nails, Inc. Shoreditch Lane

I was sitting and thinking today, that it seems I've been doing my nails a lot less this year than I have in the past and I'm not sure why. Its definitely not a lack of choices since I have more polish now than I ever have before. But anyway, hopefully I'll start being more motivated and have new manis for you more often.

So lets get right to today's mani.

Nails, Inc. - Noho - This is their black leather effect polish. I've done a mani with this one before. I really like the coverage and application and the texture is most awesome.

Nails, Inc. - Shoreditch Lane - This is the red leather effect. Its a really cool shade of red, kind of darker brickesh red. Also very good coverage and application. And again, love the the texture.

No top coat used.

 photo 556_zps4dbde634.jpg