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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Orly Aqua Pixel - Orly Dazzle

Hope everyone has had a good weekend. Once again my recent manis have been really bad. But I have one for you today. This weekend a picked a three of the Orly Mega Pixel FX polishes. This collection is Orly foray into the matte glitter market. These are similar to Zoya Pixie Dust.

Orly Dazzle - This is a silver metallic foil polish. I like this polish a lot although I do have a bit of problem with it getting bit lumpy.

Orly Aqua Pixel - This is a light ice blue matte glitter. Its a pretty color, not one that the matte glitter collections are offering. This one though does seem to have less texture than some of the other brands. Over all though a nice polish.

I used Out the Door on Dazzle. No top coat on Aqua Pixel.

I have one picture taken outdoors and one taken one taken indoors without flash.

 photo 594_zps0f9809e3.jpg

 photo 604_zps985b88b9.jpg


  1. Im impatient i decided to stalk your blog for pics instead ;) lol. Thanks for the post nice to see a pic of the pixels that hasnt been edited to death.

  2. Anytime you would like to see anything, let me know and I'll do my best to post it.

    1. Thank you :). Actually came back to ask how the wear time was. Im considering black pixel but as they werent many reviews on it yet (and they say it chips easily) im hestitant.