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Thursday, March 7, 2013

OPI When Monkeys Fly and OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry

Hope everyone is having a good week. Its almost over, yeaaa. Today I have a new one from the OPI OZ collection

Quarter of a Cent-Cherry - This is an older polish that I just discovered it but I love it. This is a dark blood red creme. It has good application and coverage. I went went three coats though just to get the extra darkness

When Monkeys Fly! - This is a new one from the OZ collection. This is large square gold glitter and small holo glitter in a think clear base. I really like this polish, and despite all of the controversy, I really like how the gold glitter curls. I think it makes it much more reflective. The only problem I have it is the delivery of glitter onto the nail. The base is very think and it takes some patting and even in some places direct placement to get good application of the glitter. But overall I really like it, and it really reflects the light on the gold glitter.

Topped with Out the Door

 photo 410_zpsee98905d.jpg

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  1. I too am an exception i guess... I LOVE this glitter! I think the way it curls, makes it, not only so "reflective" but soo 3d nail art like! without having to buy stickers, or do so much, you get a really cool, funky look.. Thanks for this post :)