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Sunday, July 31, 2011

7-30-11 = New Goodies

Had a couple of productive shopping trips over the last couple of days.

Yesterday a trip to Walgreens in the morning and Sally's in the afternoon resulted in a few new polishes

Sally Hansen - Emerald Express - This is a dark green shimmer

Finger Paints - Purple Crackle - I didn't know Finger Paints had even come out with a crackle line. They only have two though, this purple one, and bright a electric blue one. I didn't get the blue one.

Finger Paints - Vintage Velvet - This is a muted dusty green. A very unique color I'm looking forward to trying.

Finger Paints - Stunning Stilettos - This is a medium gray creme.


Then today I went to Ulta and picked up a few more

Zoya - Marley - This is a very light lavender shimmer.

Essie - Fair Game - This is a blue-gray shimmer. I can't wait to try this one. It looks like it going to be an awesome polish.

OPI - Pinking of You - This is a light pink

OPI - Blue My Mind - This is a bright electric blue shimmer


So awhile back, I filled up my polish rack and had to have some of my polishes in separate place, so today I added a level to the rack. Now everything fits and there is a little bit of room for growth.


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