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Sunday, July 24, 2011

7-24-11 - Today's Mani Part 2

Another mani for today. I had a bit of time this afternoon, so I brought out the water marbling stuff. I'm still working on perfecting my technique. I'm hoping to some time be able to get the same design on every finger. But until then, we get variety.

So for today's outing I went with all Essie polishes. I really like Essie but for some reason to I don't reach for them as much as some of my other brands. But they are an excellent

It Genius - This is a burgundy metallic polish. It always hard to get an idea about a polish when marbling so I definitely need to remember to use this polish in a regular mani.

Island Hopping - This is a really pretty dusty rose creme polish.

Loophole - This is a metallic silver polish. My favorite metallic silver.




  1. I've wanted to try marbling for a while, but I don't really want to "waste" that much polish in the water... maybe i'll do my first attempt with some of my cheaper polishes!

  2. It really doesn't seem like that much to me. A couple of drops for each finger. Its always seemed to be about as much as a regular Mani of 2 or 3 coats.