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Sunday, July 17, 2011

7-17-11 - Today's Mani and New Goodies

First the new goody.

OPI - Keys to my Karma - this is a blood red creme


Today's Mani

OPI - Keys to My Karma - This is a very nice blood red creme. Nice application, good coverage but it is definitely a two coat polish, I went with three for the added darkness. ETA - After looking at this pic a bit more, I just wanted to add, the pic with just Keys to My Karma is without a topcoat. Sooo shiny all by itself.

OPI - Black Shatter - black crackle polish, its been awhile since I've used this and I was little worried because I have heard people say that their shatter got thick and goopy, but with a good shaking I didn't have any trouble.

OPI - Silver Shatter - silver metallic crackle polish. This crackle works well, although I probably could have gone a little thicker with it. But over all I like it.




  1. I like! :D

    I need to try applying crackle on the diagonal, like that.

  2. Thanks. I think it cracks better on the diagonal. :)