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Saturday, December 29, 2012

OPI Mariah Carey Collection

I stopped by Ulta today and picked up six of the OPI Mariah Carey polishes. I didn't care for the other two colors, which is why I didn't get all of them. Also it seems that Ulta has raised its prices for OPI polishes from 8.50 to 9.00, at least for this collection.

I'm very excited to try out the liquid sand polishes and should have something to show you if not later tonight then definitely tomorrow morning.

The ones I got are

Stay The Night - This is a liquid sand color (liquid sand are matte glitter polishes)- its a sheer black base with small red glitter

Can't Let Go - This is a liquid sand color - its a sheer purple base with lighter medium hex purple glitter and small dark purple glitter

Get Your Number - This is a liquid sand color - its a sheer light blue base with small holo glitter

The Impossible - This is a liquid sand color - its a sheer red base with medium hex red glitter and red star glitter.

A Butterfly Moment - This is a champagny peachy/pinky/beige shimmer

Sprung - This is a shimmery copper foil polish.

This is today's haul. As soon as I get a mani going with them, haven't decided where to start yet, I'll get it posted.


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